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Improve your grammar and vocabulary for a successful career in tech
Boost your business communication skills
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The English For Tech E-book

Welcome to your effective communication journey
Thea Micoli
Former Celta and Delta teacher, New York
Tech professionals, managers, HR and recruiters
English teachers working with tech industry professionals
Tech students
Who the textbook is for
What you'll find inside
12 lessons on modern tech and business topics (from new jobs in tech to creating a killer resume)
Focus on improving 6 key language skills: reading, pronunciation, listening, grammar, writing and speaking through the context of modern business communication
Exercises and projects based on authentic resources (tweets, articles, videos etc.)
A separate soft skills section to practice a particular professional skill (elevator pitch, bug reports, peer reviews etc.)
Practice tasks that help you build a strong grammar foundation
Answer keys and links to helpful resources
12 modules on modern tech and business topics (from new jobs in tech to creating a killer resume)
English For Tech
Second Edition
English For Tech Second Edition + Grammar Phrasebook
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About the author
Womanpreneur, change leader, author of the English For Tech textbook and Interactive Workbook, founder of English For IT and Annglish, content creator and social media influencer.

Anna has taken multiple classes at Stanford University on management and effective communication, got a diploma in English for Specific Purposes from University of Oregon, and is CELTA certified by the Teaching House, New York.

She is the first person to have started creating ESL content for the tech space. She has worked with top tech companies such as Snapchat, Innovecs, EIS Group, Provectus providing workforce development training on soft skills.
Anna Gandrabura
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