6 weeks - 6 core soft skills
video lessons, practice, personalized feedback, and coaching
blockchain-verified certificate
Starting date
Your gateway to
a successful international tech career
Your gateway to a successful international tech career
You are probably here because:
You have been denied promotions despite expertise;
You are tired of frequent misunderstandings at work;
You want to feel more confident working with cross-cultural teams, both local and outsourced;
You're a newcomer in tech and feel out of sync with the rest.
Who is this course for?
Employed tech professionals looking to grow their career;
Job seekers - from beginners to seasoned professionals;
Everyone working with or on international tech teams;
IT students and graduates looking to start their career off on a strong foot.
Why improve soft skills?
Soft skills are transferable non-technical skills that are valued in any industry and profession;
Over 50% of IT and tech employers name communication as the most important skill they look for in potential hires;
That web framework you learned last year might become obsolete next year. Soft skills remain relevant forever.
Quit trying to be a "people person". Become the person people love working with!
Why is this course unique?
Hands-On Approach
In addition to pre-recorded videos, you will get practice tasks for each topic;
Online Coaching
You will get mentor feedback on your tasks;
The course is designed for people working in and around tech. Every topic is guaranteed to be relevant.
After the course, you will:
    Cut down on workplace misunderstandings and become a more effective communicator;
    Avoid cultural mistakes when communicating with international clients, stakeholders, and customers;
    Build better rapport with your overseas teams;
    Learn how to give feedback, communicate in meetings, mentor newly onboarded people, and use time management for better productivity;
    Increase your career potential by boosting your emotional intelligence.
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    Meet the Author
    Founded English For IT in 2012
    14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT
    Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)
    Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University
    Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide
    Heads a product management community in Odesa and organizes Product Tank meet-ups
    Shares English lessons on her popular YouTube channel
    Blogs about motivation, mindfulness, fitness and English on her popular Instagram page
    Anna Gandrabura
    Our students are leaders and innovators in the tech industry
    Video and audio lessons, exercises to master the topics learned, guides, and checklists
    Private Telegram chat for questions and networking
    Access to all files and lessons for 6 months
    No mentor feedback
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    Video and audio lessons, exercises to master the topics learned, guides, and checklists
    Private Telegram chat for questions and networking
    Access to all files and lessons for 6 months
    Mentor feedback
    Blockchain-verified certificate of completion
    Bonus: Live webinar Power Skills For Success
    1-1 with Anna Gandrabura
    Finish the course within 8 weeks and book a 15-min 1:1 with Anna Gandrabura
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    Our manager, Alina, will be happy to answer all of your questions!