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Pre-Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate
Grammar tenses are a pain to learn, but these 30 constructions are easy to remember
30 modern grammar constructions with practical examples, exercises, and useful tips
30 grammar constructions, 30 authentic materials, 300+ modern examples of usage, and 120 practice questions


Forget loооng grammar checklists. You need PRACTICE — this is what Grammar Phrasebook is about!
You just can't wrap your head around grammar
You understand English grammar rules but can't use them in practice
You want to use more advanced and modern constructions in your speech
Does this sound like you?
Who the Grammar Phrasebook is for:
Professionals in tech and digital media
English teachers
Everyone who strives to boost their grammar and vocabulary
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What you'll find inside
Top 30 popular grammar constructions in English
Explanations on when and how to use each phrase
Two types of examples for each phrase - one for business and the other for everyday life
Practice quizzes to test your knowledge
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About the author
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14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT
Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)
Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University
Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide
Heads a product management community in Odesa and organizes Product Tank meet-ups
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