How to become an effective communicator in English

Client and Team
Communication in Tech

Who it is for

who communicate with their foreign customers on everyday basis
Managers in

who have multicultural teams and use English for everyday communication
Recruiters and HR managers

who are in touch with English-speaking customers and candidates
What you will learn
What communication skills you need to improve in the first place.
How to make yourself sound and speak clearly in English to be understood at work.
How to overcome cultural barriers, and communicate effectively with your customers and teammates.
How to give professional demos, provide valuable and constructive feedback, run effective meetings, and write emails and chat messages in English that always get a response.
Webinar author and speaker
Anna Gandrabura
English and Soft Skills Coach for Tech and Business
  • Founded English For IT in 2012
  • Has taught English for over 14 years, 8 years in tech
  • Works with leading tech companies in Europe and the US: Luxoft, EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly
  • Has studied communication and management at Standford
  • Gives conference talks and conducts master classes around the world. One of Anna's latest webinars has been watched by over 1000 people in real time
  • Is a member of Web3 Equity and Shrimp Society in Miami; a co-host of the women entrepreneur group GSV Bootcamp
  • Has a YouTube channel about English
  • Blogs on Instagram about motivation, mindset, English and fitness
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Webinar reviews
I liked the pace and intensity of the webinar. A lot of useful resources and materials give you a much-needed motivation boost. It keeps you engaged all the time.
Thank you for the practical recommendations that are relevant to the tech
industry. It's very rare to find information with this much focus on English for tech.
Thank you for your work! I really enjoyed watching this webinar, and believe me I have watched my share of webinars to have something to compare it with.
Thank you for what you're doing.
English For IT
Teaching Business and Tech English since 2012