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Teacher’s Guide for English For Tech

CEO English For IT
Anna Gandrabura
English is the de facto language of the tech industry. The problem is that there are not enough tech professionals who can speak good English. There are also not enough English teachers who are qualified to help tech professionals build the necessary language skills and improve their business communication.
We have created this Teacher’s Guide as an addition to the English For Tech textbook for all English teachers who:
Want to improve their command of English and grow as professionals (the best teachers are also life-long students)
Strive to expand their expertise and increase their income potential (the number of tech professionals in need of qualified English teachers is over 1 million in Latin America alone)
Want to successfully pass a job interview to teach English at a tech company
Want to work remotely while staying connected with other teaching professionals (our Telegram community is here to provide support, mentorship, inspiration and help you stay at the forefront of industry trends)
What are the requirements for becoming an English teaching rockstar in tech?
You can teach the skills of successful business communication
You know about the difference between the informal, semi-formal & formal communication styles and can determine when it’s appropriate to use each one
You can teach modern English using authentic online resources
You’re familiar with the peculiarities and main concepts of the tech industry
The tech industry is one of the most cutting-edge and thriving industries in the world. That’s why becoming an in-demand tech English teacher will put you ahead of the curve on all important career skills: entrepreneurial mindset, proactiveness, networking. All of that will allow you to stand out from competition.
What you will get:
Instructions and tips on how to use English For Tech
Overview of the tech industry including the breakdown of popular tech terms and concepts
Over 30 useful resources that you can use to create your own custom-tailored lessons and to assist you in personal and professional growth
20 extra activities to complement 12 lessons from English For Tech
Access to a private Telegram Teacher's Club community
Opportunity to participate in an affiliate program and get commission on sales of the textbook
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When I was starting out teaching English to people tech, I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of relevant learning materials. Which inspired me to create my own! This ultimately led to me writing the first modern tech and business English textbook called English For Tech
CEO English For IT
Anna Gandrabura
What English teachers say about English For Tech
  • Elena Gusakova
    English teacher
    The textbook is a treasure trove for English teachers. It’s an investment that brings infinite value. No more dreaded googling, racking your brain over tech articles on the Internet, hours poured into lesson plans and making do with outdated textbooks. English For Tech solves the problem of finding relevant, well-designed and interesting material. For me, this textbook was a love at first sight! I couldn’t recommend it more!
About the author
Womanpreneur, change leader, author of the English For Tech textbook and Interactive Workbook, founder of English For IT and Annglish, content creator and social media influencer.

Anna has taken multiple classes at Stanford University on management and effective communication, got a diploma in English for Specific Purposes from University of Oregon, and is CELTA certified by the Teaching House, New York.

She is the first person to have started creating ESL content for the tech space. She has worked with top tech companies such as Snapchat, People AI, Innovecs, EIS Group, Provectus providing workforce development training on soft skills.
Anna Gandrabura
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