English4IT Teacher's Club
Community of English teachers who work with tech professionals
In English4IT Teacher's Club, you'll get:
Educational materials on teaching English4IT
Mentor support on teaching English4IT
English4IT product at discounted prices
In English4IT Teacher's Club, you'll get:
It's FREE to be a member for the first adopters and use weekly English4IT content and take part in monthly workshops
Opportunity to work with the best
Community support
Opportunity to become an affiliate partner with English For IT and earn $
Teacher's Club
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About the author
The founder of English4IT Teacher's Club
Anna Gandrabura
Founded English For IT у 2012 році
Works with leading tech companies in Europe and the US: Luxoft, EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly
Blog on Instagram about motivation, mindset, English and fitness
Has a YouTube channel about English
Gives conference talks and conducts master classes around the world. One of Anna's latest webinars has been watched by over 1000 people in real time
Has studied communication and management at Standford
When your students or colleagues purchase English For IT products based on your recommendation, they get a discount for that purchase and you receive a financial reward for the referral. To find out more, email recruiting@english4it.online
Affiliate Program
At English For IT, we are always happy when talented and passionate teachers join our team! If you would like to work with us, follow the link to learn more or reach out to our HR Manager directly recruiting@english4it.online
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How fast do I get access to all the content of the club?
Within a few hours, you will get an email (to an email address used for registration) with the access to your personal account.
What are the materials of Teacher's Club?
Every week we publish useful tips for teaching English and/or activities for classes, useful tips&tricks for working with IT specialists. Also, every month we hold a webinar, workshop or mastermind, which all club members can join for free. In addition, we have gathered an incredible community of professionals who are always happy to help and give advice in the chat.
What other bonuses can I get?
English4IT Teacher's Club members also receive discounts on English For IT products, mentor and colleagues support in the chat.
What are the guidelines of Teacher's Club?
  • English4IT Teacher's Club is a safe, guided environment.
  • You must be an English teacher to join the club. We do not care how experienced you are, the main thing is that you want to grow as a professional. We are not about competition, we are about PARTNERSHIP. Partner up and support each other.
  • Think about how we can support you and what you can offer to your peers and new friends. We are all about giving and receiving, not just taking.
When will the participation stop being free of charge?
We're currently sharing our knowledge for free, but as soon as it changes, we'll be sure to let you know in advance.
Do you still have questions?
We will be happy to help!