Perfect Your English Pronunciation

8 live lessons with a native speaker James that will improve your pronunciation and help you get rid of your accent
Start September 23
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You: I think I have good conversational English, my vocabulary is extensive, but native speakers don't understand me. Why?
Me: This is most likely because you mispronounce some words, use wrong emphasis, and your intonation is monotonous.
This course is for you if
You are often misunderstood in conversation
When you speak English, you are often misunderstood by both native and non-native speakers.
You have a strong accent

You want to get rid of your accent but don't know how.
You want to improve
You feel confident when speaking English but would like to get even better.
In this course we will cover
Complex sounds
Is it challenging for you to pronounce correctly the sounds like TH, W, V, R, I, and others? In this course, you will receive practical advice on how to pronounce these sounds easily and correctly.
The intonation of non-native speakers varies greatly that of the English language. That is why native speakers do not understand you. Don't worry! We will fix everything.
Putting correct emphasis on words
Even the simplest of words can be confusing if you put the wrong emphasis on them. We will cover all of the cases.
Common mistakes
You will get the list of most commonly mispronounced words and dozens of rules on how to avoid making pronunciation mistakes.
The course is suitable for you if your level of English is

Course format
Lesson format
Live lessons on Zoom in a group of 10 people.
8 lessons 90 minutes each.
Start date
September 23, 6 pm (GMT+3).
Motivation and interesting tasks from the course mentor - you will not quit halfway.
Community chat
Ask your questions in the Telegram chat, communicate with other participants.
Course Materials
Access to materials in your personal account + lessons recordings.
Course results
Learn to use the emphasis correctly
Get rid of a harsh accent
Learn to pronounce easy and difficult sounds
Speak with correct intonation
Crash Course Mentor
James Templeton
  • Native English Speaker from the UK
  • More than 7 years of teaching experience in different countries
  • Believes that one of his missions is to help English For IT students improve their pronunciation
  • Runs his own YouTube Channel, where he shares helpful information, and advice regarding the English language to an audience of 90k followers
  • Teaches English and communication skills at English for IT
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What our students enjoy
  • Great course structure, top-quality content, interesting facts about English pronunciation, and motivation to keep you going. On top of that, the course mentor's pronunciation is simply amazing.

  • I loved the modern, practical approach. I never once felt bored (which happened a lot with other courses). I'm very happy I took the course and I'm sure I'll soon be putting this new knowledge into practice!