Lean Coffee
Improve your English without even leaving your house!
Online Speaking Club
Why choose us?
Cross the language barrier and get comfortable speaking
Learn to speak on different topics and give feedback
You speak for most of the time, not the teacher
Identify and correct your pronunciation and grammatical mistakes
What is Lean Coffee?
Lean Coffee Speaking Club is the only speaking club that puts you in the driver's seat. It's you who picks the topics and discusses them, not the teacher.
Lean Coffee is a structured meeting with a flexible agenda.
It facilitates interesting and effective discussions because the discussion topics are generated by the participants themselves.

We meet online and welcome people of all backgrounds and professions. The only participation requirement is that you have to be at least A2 (pre-intermediate) level English.
About the Club
Participants number
8 people per group
Every Friday, 6:30-8:00 pm (GMT+3)
How it works
Step 1
A few hours prior to the start, we create a Zoom room for you, your peers and mentor.
Step 2
Every participant suggests TWO topics for the common chat. The group then votes on the most interesting ones.
Step 3
The participants split into two groups. People in the first group take turns expressing their thoughts on the first topic. The discussion lasts 5-10 minutes.
Step 4
The second group gives feedback to the first group, then they swap roles.
Step 5
At the end of the meeting, the mentor gives feedback and corrects some errors they observed.
Why pick Lean Coffee Club?
90 minutes of speaking practice
You speak most of the time while the mentor acts as a facilitator. The format enables even the most introverted participant to speak as much as the other attendees.
You pick the topics
We don't force our participants into talking about global warming and cooking. During 90 minutes, you will pick and discuss up to 5 tech and non-tech related topics.
Error correction
At the end of the meeting the mentor will go over errors and mistakes so that you keep improving your English every time.
It's as convenient as it gets. All you need to participate is Internet access, and a laptop (or a phone).
All done in the comfort of your home
Develop your communication skills
During 90 minutes, you will improve not only your speaking, but also build up other important soft skills
How to strike up a conversation
Forget about feeling shy to initiate the conversation!
What to talk about with strangers
Learn about topics you can discuss with coworkers, customers and strangers.
How to end a conversation gracefully
Learn to leave a good impression and foster relationships.
Mentor of the online
Lean Coffee Speaking Club
  • A native speaker from the US with international experience
  • Over a decade of experience in the Tech industry
  • Karuna started his career at Microsoft and is currently working as a remote developer which makes him a multicultural teams communication expert
  • Native English Speaker from the UK
  • More than 7 years of teaching experience in different countries
  • Believes that one of his missions is to help English For IT students improve their pronunciation
  • Runs his own YouTube Channel, where he shares helpful information, and advice regarding the English language to an audience of 90k followers
  • Teaches English and communication skills at English for IT
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