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Job Interview

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Does this sound like you?
You keep forgetting words in a job interview
You lack speaking practice
You don't know how to answer questions you haven't prepared for
Career switchers
Tech specialists
Non-tech roles (managers, HR, etc.)
Who is this course for?
IT students
Two skills that make or break your job interview
Soft skills:
how polite you are

how friendly you are

how well you can engage with the interviewer
you know enough vocabulary and grammar

you can clearly communicate your professional value

you don't hesitate or show nervousness in job interviews
Practicing these skills takes time. That is why I have created Part 2 of the Job Interview Crash Course.
Anna Gandrabura
After the course you will
Boost your technical, general, and business vocabulary
Fix pronunciation mistakes and master useful grammar
Get a FREE resume review from an English For IT interview preparation expert
Get extended speaking practice in every lesson to help you build fluency
Learn how to boost your soft skills for job interviews
The course creator Anna Gandrabura and native speakers

are here to help you get to the next level of your SOFT SKILLS and CONFIDENCE
The course creator Anna Gandrabura ...... and native speakers ...... ...... are here to help you get to the next level of your SOFT SKILLS and CONFIDENCE
Every lesson will help you improve
speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing
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Anna Gandrabura
14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT
Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)
Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University
Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide
Heads a product management community in Odesa and organizes Product Tank meet-ups
Shares English lessons on her popular YouTube channel
Blogs about motivation, mindfulness, fitness and English on her popular Instagram page
Job Interview
Crash Course Part 2
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