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Does this sound like you?
You work in tech or are looking for a job in tech
You are frustrated by your limited vocabulary
You often can’t find "the right word" to get your message across
You want to be fluent and feel comfortable when speaking
How it works
Pick a category you want to train (words, phrasal verbs or idioms)
Read the phrase
Click the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation
Flip the card to see the example and definition
Try to come up with your own example
Move on to the next phrase
Practice for 5 minutes every day, and you will learn 300 new useful expressions within a month!
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English For IT Flashcards
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Which levels are the English For IT Flashcards suitable for?
The flashcards can be used by learners of all levels from Elementary to Advanced.
Why is it a monthly subscription and not a one-time payment?
We will be updating the flashcards with 30 new phrases every month so that you keep expanding your vocabulary on a continuous basis.
Can I choose between the digital and the physical version?
For now, the flashcards are only available in the digital version.
Do the flashcards mirror the vocabulary from the English For Tech online course?
Not really. We tried to compile 300 most commonly used phrases in the tech industry without using our online course as a direct reference. Naturally, you will come across certain phrases in the flashcards that are also taught in the English For Tech course because our goal for teaching vocabulary is always to teach the most authentic and commonly used modern tech phrases.
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