Effective communication in English for tech & business
An online course that will improve your business English and communication skills for working with foreign customers and colleagues.
Effective communication in English for tech & business
An online course that will improve your business English and communication skills for working with foreign customers and colleagues.
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Course start
February 11, 2020 at 19:00
Tuesday and Thursday 19:00-21:00 (UTC+02:00)
Course format
10 two-hour long live webinars
Why do you think live webinars is the best for such a course?
Think about how you communicate in tech for work. It's chatting, video conferencing. We want to get you experienced in a real world of tech communication.
What communication skills you will improve
Not only will you improve your English but soft skills
Learn fixed phrases that are goo to go in your email. Just change them a bit to fit your context. Write an emails in 5 minutes not 1 hour.
Meetings & Negotiations
You will learn how to hold meetings, express opinions, interrupt, agree and disagree in a conversation the right way.
Presentation & Pitching
You will become a pro im making presentations and demos to clients and stakeholders.
Cross-Cultural Communication
Learning a language should always go alongside learning its culture. We will teach on cross-cultural communication to keep you in line with context.
Job Interview and CV Writing
Get all prepared for a job interview in English. We will make sure your CV is put together professionally and is error free.
Online Chatting & Networking
Formal and less formal written communication is the king in tech world. You will know the difference and master the skill.
This course is perfect for
Tech professionals
From junior to senior if you would like to advance in your career
Managers and CXOs
Project & Product managers, Account managers, HRM & recruiters, etc.
Non-tech professionals
Marketers, social media specialists, bloggers, graphic/UI/UX designers
Who would like to get updated on business English
How we do it
10 live webinars
Interactive webinars twice a week for 2 hours with various English teachers and IT specialists. These aren't just the webinars where you only listen to a lecture, here you are actively involved and practice speaking.
At each webinar you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the teacher regarding common mistakes. You can also ask any questions online. Upon request, you can have a personal consultation with the teacher
Practice every day
In addition to webinars, every day you get a practical task that you can complete in 5-10 minutes, and you will learn information by 80-90%. How does it work? You don't do standard, boring cramming, but study on the fly.
Mentorship & motivation
The course mentor is always in touch with the group and is ready to answer your questions in a private chat. She monitors your progress and reminds you of the course tasks. You have the opportunity to receive a bonus for activity and involvement in the learning process - preparation for an interview in English.
When tailoring this course we used:
Communicative approach
70% of tasks are practical and aimed at developing speaking skills and writing
We singled out the most important 20% of what you need to know about communication in English. Now you should spend 80% of the time studying this material.
During the course we use exercises for relaxation and active brain function.
Course topics
Take your career from a junior to a senior having mastered the main soft skills needed for work
Emailing in tech
You will learn to write professional emails that will always get immediate responses
Meetings & Negotiations
Fear of public speaking will go away. You will get comfortable holding the meetings in English yourself
Small Talk
You will learn to communicate socially at the beginning of the meetings, during business lunches or at conferences
Pitch, present & demo
Master your public speaking for all occasions
Cross-cultural communication
You will learn to communicate correctly and freely across cultures
Giving & receiving feedback
We will teach you how to praise and critique in English with no hurt feelings
Polite English
English is different from your mother tongue. We will show you show to always sound polite and be in context
Networking & social skills
You will get comfortable breaking the ice and sticking up a conversation with strangers
Chatting online
Internet slang, acronyms and other must-knows to chat for work effortlessly
Job interview & CV writing
Once you complete the course
The course offers 6 mentors at once,
including native speakers and IT specialists.
Certificate is an advantage that makes you stand out
For work: the certificate will strengthen your resume

and help career growth.

For yourself: another goal achieved (and the year has just begun!)

For colleagues and friends: stand out from the crowd, share your achievements with others.
Course fee
We recommend you get Premium package as it gives you a personal consultation with one of our instructors
Max. number of attendees: 15
(12 spots left)
  • 10 live webinars for 2 hours
  • Private chat with daily tasks
  • Access to training materials
  • Participation in a motivation program
  • Course Certificate
  • 10% discount on all English For IT courses
  • Recorded webinar "English Update is Available"
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Take our quick test to test your English
Only 10 minutes - and 25 questions from our online test will assess your current English level.
When does the course start?
The start of the course is February 11, 2020! Until February 11, you can buy a course and on February 11 you will get access to your personal account.
What level of English is needed to get on the course?
Intermediate and higher. You can find out your level here.
Where do the classes take place?
Classes are held online, in the format of two-hour long live webinars twice a week. Also, every day you will have the practice of English in a private chat under the mentorship of a teacher.
How long does the course last?
It's 5 weeks, 10 webinars
Will we have homework?
There will, but the main emphasis on practice will be on live webinars and in a private chat. You will receive teacher's personal feedback regarding homework.
How much practice will I get?
1. Webinars will be interactive, which means that you will speak, not just the teacher. You can also ask questions during the webinar in a chat in English.
2. Closed group chat: every day the group's mentor will share short tasks in the chat and every day they will be new - to practice different skills (listening, reading, vocabulary, speaking, etc). It will take you 10-15 minutes a day to complete such tasks, and memorizing the material will be at least 80%.
3. Permanent feedback from the teacher: at the end of each webinar, in a private chat or in person.

Will I be able to access the videos after the course ends?
Yes, if you choose the Premium package, then you will have access to all course materials within 2 months after the completion of the course.
How can I pay for the course?
You can pay for the course with any credit card of any bank in the world after choosing a package. We recommend the Premium package, as you will receive personal consultations with our instructors.
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