5 days of boosting your soft skills and English, mentorship and motivation plus full immersion into the English-speaking environment.
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Starting date: June 29, 2020
English For IT:
Online crash-course
Do you experience the following problems when using English at work?
Often come across as impolite even though your grammar is technically correct
Have communication issues and misunderstandings with clients and colleagues
Have difficulties overcoming the language barrier
Don't quite know how to handle small talk, craft a well-written email and express a polite request
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Solution to your communication issue
What are soft skills and which soft skills are essential
for people in tech
Specificities of cross-cultural
How not to sound rude and other rules
of polite English
Practical case studies on communication
in tech
You will get
Three live webinars on YouTube
Telegram chat to stay connected with us
Telegram channel with tasks and reminders
Daily English practice
Сrash-course Outline
June 29, 8 p.m
Webinar 1. Which soft skills are a must-have for a tech specialist?
June 30, 8 p.m
Practice day. Tasks, feedback and connecting with people
in the chat
July 1, 8 p.m
Webinar 2. Cross-cultural communication
July 2
Webinar 3. Polite English
July 3
Practice day. Tasks, feedback and connecting with people
in the chat
You'll benefit from the course if you
Regularly communicate with foreign customers and partners
Don't feel confident communicating with clients directly
Want to boost your soft skills
Strive for career advancement and increased salary range
Meet the creators and speakers of the
Anna Gandrabura
Course creator
English and Soft Skills Coach for Tech and Business
The founder of the only IT English school where she teaches not only the language but cross-cultural communication as well.

Anna is partnered with international tech companies in the US and Ukraine and regularly conducts master-classes all over Europe and Asia. Anna is an internationally certified teacher with a CELTA qualification she got in New York.
Kate Krivtsova
Сrash-course speaker
English Teacher & COO @English For IT
Kate designs and teaches specialized courses at English For IT. She is a veteran speaker with years of experience in delivering workshops on the topics of business meetings, presentations and emails.

In 2019 Kate got an invaluable learning experience having attended a series of workshops at Google Learning Center in New York. She is now eager to share her knowledge about soft skills in the US culture.
Сrash-course speaker
English Teacher @ English For IT
Tyler is a TESOL certified teacher from California who specializes in business English and cross-cultural communication.

Tyler has a background in sales which is why he's qualified to tell you all about effective strategies for pitching and presentations.
During the course speaker he'll be happy to share insider tips on how to communicate across different cultures.

Your participation is free but the experience
is priceless

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