Recorded: August 21st

English For IT Webinar

How To Use American English IRL

YouTube (Online)
Business English
Everyday English
What will you learn?
How to communicate with American friends IRL
What language and communication strategies native speakers use in business
Real-life cases from Miami tech life

Top leaders trust us
Anna Gandrabura
also known as ANNGLISH
Anna Gandrabura, the founder of English For IT, has been teaching English for over 10 years. Anna is currently based in the US and her English can prove it.

«I have a special knack for teaching modern English. My approach isn't just based on teaching rules. I teach through motivation, fun content and upbeat delivery to help you memorize and apply English in your life."

Can you picture yourself using an idiom in every other sentence just like native speakers do? I'll tell you exactly how to make that a reality.
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