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December 17, 9AM-December 18, 9AM GMT+2
Online / Youtube / Metaverse
Does this sound like you?
You don't have enough time for English
You can't find the right course for your needs
You don't like your teacher
You don't have money to spend on classes
No more excuses NOT to start speaking English:
You will find the time = it's a 24h lesson!
The 24h English lesson will consist of many learning formats covering general, business, and IT English
Over 10 instructors will be teaching you including British and American native speakers
The 24h English lesson is FREE but we appreciate a donation (all funds will go toward supporting Ukraine)
Our mission
Empower English learners to make real progress and inspire change
You will get
Practice all key skills: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and soft skills
New ideas and ways to learn English
An instant upgrade on your English
How it works
Choose the topics you like
Join the Youtube stream
Donate any amount if you like the topic and teacher
You can attend as many hours as you want.
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In 24 hours you can learn about:
December 17th
9am - 10am
Lesson 1
Stop learning English, start living it!
Anna Gandrabura
December 17th
10am - 10:30am
Lesson 2
How to find the best English teacher for you
Olena Davydova
December 17th
10:30am - 11:30am
Lesson 3
Bad & good news in English! Delivering & reacting. English for compassion
Mariya Bandura
December 17th
11:30am - 12pm
Coffee break: networking session in the Metaverse
Nadine Strelnikova
December 17th
12pm - 1pm
Lesson 4
How to learn vocabulary effectively: a "magic pill" solution
Olena Davydova, Olga Emelianova

December 17th
1pm - 1:30pm
Lesson 5
Conditional sentences for polite emails and meetings
Iryna Pavliv
December 17th
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Lesson 6
Talk show: "Conflict resolution at work",
"EQ and resolving conflicts"
Olga Emelianova, Kate Kryvtsova
December 17th
2:30pm - 3pm
Lesson 7
Preposition hacks: how to remember prepositions, fixed phrases, why avoid word-for-word translation
Dasha Konstantinova
December 17th
3pm - 3:30pm
Q&A: Ask an English Teacher!
December 17th
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Lesson 8
How to write effective emails that get answered: structure, style
Victoria Lysenko
December 17th
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Lesson 9
Build your personal brand online to advance your career
Anna Gandrabura
December 17th
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Lesson 10
Create a job-winning resume & cover letter
December 17th
6:30pm - 8pm
Lesson 11
How to get a job at a tech company: Talk show with (Proxet/Provectus): cross-cultural communication
December 17th
8pm - 8:30pm
Coffee break: networking session in the Metaverse
Nadine Strelnikova
December 17th
8:30pm - 9pm
Lesson 12
Confusing words (affect vs effect)
Iryna Pavliv
December 17th
9pm - 9:30pm
Lesson 13
Confusing prepositions (ask for vs ask about, etc)
Kate Kryvtsova
December 17th
9:30pm - 10pm
Lesson 14
Idioms that native speakers go to town
December 17th
10pm - 11pm
Lesson 15
Grammarly & Passive voice: when and how to use it
December 17th
11pm - 11:30pm
Q&A: Ask an English Teacher!
December 17-18th
11:30pm - 12:30am
Lesson 16
Grammar tenses you need to master first
December 18th
12:30am - 1am
Lesson 17
How to sound like a native speaker: improve your accent & pronunciation
December 18th
1am - 2am
Lesson 18
Give feedback like a pro
Victoria Lysenko
December 18th
2am - 3am
Lesson 19
Common grammar mistakes: how to fix them
Kate Kryvtsova
December 18th
3am - 4am
Lesson 20
Try these grammar activities that actually work (Stop learning grammar and start using it)
Dasha Konstantinova
December 18th
4am - 4:30am
Lesson 21
Tech words you definitely mispronounce
December 18th
4:30am - 5:30am
Lesson 22
Cool and casual - phrasal verbs for everyday communication
Iryna Pavliv
December 18th
5:30am - 6am
Coffee break: networking session in the Metaverse
Nadine Strelnikova
December 18th
6am - 7am
Lesson 23
New Year's resolutions: create a list of 100 wishes and make them come true
Anna Gandrabura
December 18th
7am - 8am
Lesson 24
English learning hacks (bite-sized learning, SMART goals, Pomodoro technique)
Anna Gandrabura, Mariya Bandura
December 18th
8am - 9am
Lesson 25
How to overcome the speaking barrier: most effective exercises
Anna Kidalova
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