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English For Tech


1-Day Lesson

Sound familiar?
Do you need to improve your English for work? Also soft skills? But you want up-to-date materials?
Are you afraid to buy a long course because you're not sure it will help?
Do you want to try one lesson and see if you love it?
Only 1 day (=60 min) and you will get +5% to your English level and confidence
In just 1 day you will learn:
Useful vocabulary for presenting ideas, addressing issues, starting, and ending a meeting.
Which grammar tenses do you need to speak effectively?
Soft skills:
Mistakes that derail (= ruin) your meetings and how to avoid them
10 commonly mispronounced words in meetings
Speaking practice:
Reporting on project progress in a work meeting.
Besides that, you will get
1. Access to our private community on Telegram
2. Free weekly speaking & networking sessions with a native speaker
3. Free monthly community webinars
You will have your own account with access to all materials;
Video and audio materials with practice tasks;
Personal mentor to give you feedback;
Private community mentor support and additional perks.
How this lesson works
    This lesson is suitable for pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate* students
    *Not sure what English level you have?
    Take our free level test
    English For Tech 1-Day Lesson
    learn over 10 fixed phrases for meetings
    revise 7 grammar tenses you will need for work
    get a template for how to speak in meetings with confidence
    practice speaking skills and giving feedback
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